The Moonlit Maedyn officially known as [Waryn] Moonlit Maedyn is a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter owned by Crislyn Anessa Waryn. The Maedyn is one of the largest cargo freighter owned by the young Waryn girl and is often the most frequently used ship in her fleet, it is the second of the BFF-1 class to be added to her fleet. This ship was acquired by Crislyn in order to have a second ship of this class for use by the Clan and family. The Maedyn is a common vessel used by Keeya for faction-related business. The custom paint job was designed by Andree Cyberdree of Tion, and is the original design, and was painted on the ship before the official fleet commission was signed. The inverse design was commissioned on the Starry Mystress, the older sister ship of the Maedyn, a few weeks later.