Astrographical Information
Region: Outer Rim
Oversector: Tion Cluster
Sector: Tion Hegemony
System: Clariv
Suns: 1: Clay
Orbital Position: 2
Moons: 1 - Clairece
Trade Routes: Tion Trade Route
Distance from Core:
Rotation Period: 25 standard hours
Orbital Period: 320 local days
Physical Information
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 14,687 km
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: near 9m/s^2
Primary Terrain:
  • Grasslands
  • Rivers & Lakes
  • Small oceans
  • Temperate Rain Forest
Surface Water: 80%
Points of Interest:
  • Cassander & Clariv Tower
  • Purple Mist Mountains
Societal Information
Native Species:
Immigrated Species:
  • Humans (Tionese)
Primary languages:
  • Galactic Basic
  • Bocce
  • Sy Bisti
Government: Athakam MedTech
Population: 2 billion
Demonym: Rivian
Capital: Rivin
Major Cities:
  • Cassander
  • Clariv City
  • Kyleen Hill
Major Imports:
  • Consumer goods
  • Food items
Major Exports:
  • Technology
  • Raw materials

Clariv was an important financial world in the Tion Hegemony sector along the Tion Trade Route. The planet was under the influence of the banking firm, Cassander & Clariv Investments. The world became a major economic force almost a decade after the company Cassander Limited began acquiring assets on the planet.

The planet was a major entry point for the nearby systems of the Indrexu Spiral. Vacation planning was another major industry on the planet, although most of the destinations owned, or controlled by Cassander & Clariv.